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Tea Parties Are For Little Girls! 99% Agree!

Mitt Romney - The Flop That Follows the Flip

Ever since Rick Perry moseyed on back to Texas, his french cuffs dirty from the trail, his stetson hat drooping dejectedly, Willard Mitt "Mittens" Romney has assumed the mantle of 'most ridiculed' for the remainder of this grating Republican primary season. Without Mittens' stuffy speeches, his wooden demeanor, and almost inconceivably odd statements, this moribund proceeding, this marathon of malfeasance, would have become completely unpalatable and totally unwatchable... Read the full article

Don't Believe The Hype - The Parties Are Not The Same

Every time you hear someone say that the two political parties are the same, it is important to realize that such proclamations are just opinions, and to realize further, that these opinions are not generally even based on observation... Read the full article


Newt Gingrich - Revising History on Casino Cash

Newt Gingrich, whose most recent rise to prominence in the GOP has pundits across the political spectrum scratching their heads, won the South Carolina primary and is at least among the frontrunners in the race for Republican presidential nomination. Consensus until recently held that he had no chance of winning any political office. In fact, few thought Newt had a political career left at all after his high-profile fall from grace in the late 90's... Read the full article


Obama - Taking the Gloves Off

President Obama has changed his strategy for the upcoming general election season. In recent months, the temperature of the rhetoric coming out of the White House has risen a degree or two. The divisive Republican race for the nomination, the contentious political atmosphere in Washington for the past two years, and the inability of congress to achieve bi-partisan support of anything substantial has, by all accounts, forced the president to take a new 'take the gloves off' approach... Read the full article


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Bin Laden - Death by Lovers' Quarrel?

According to an investigation by former Pakistani army brigadier Shaukat Qadir, American intelligence was alerted to Bin Laden's location by one of his own wives.

Rick Snyder - Governor, Nerd, Liar?

The illusion of a profitable Michigan has been created at the expense of the state's most vulnerable citizens.

Is There A War on American Women?

Bills are being introduced at a frenetic pace, which authoritatively curtail the reproductive rights and options of American women.

The Truth About Keystone XL

Tar sands oil, the most impure source of oil in the world, is extracted from sandy soils in northern Canada and requires nearly twice the energy to refine into usable fuels.